Coral Point Canal:

Coral Point Canal serves as the northern boundary to the Four Mile Cove Ecological preserve which creates an environment that sustains numerous species of fish that are present in the water around our dock.  In fact it is not uncommon to see local fishing guides on the canal behind the villa.  There are fishing rods available for you to try your hand at catching something for dinner tonight!

Boca Grande Pass: (56 miles northwest by automobile )

A typical 80-day Florida season in Boca Grande Pass produces an average 5,000 tarpon landed. As a result, it is one of the world’s best tarpon fishing holes and yields more tarpon than any other location in the world. Tarpon congregate and spawn out of passes along most of the entire rim of the Gulf of Mexico. The massive attraction to Boca Grande Pass is unknown and subject to many theories. In the spring, it appears that many of the fish’s habits all along the coast are in orientation to Boca Grande Pass. With depths reaching near 80 feet, it is the deepest natural pass in Florida. It is the only major outlet of Charlotte Harbor that is feed by two major rivers, the Peace River and the Myakka River. As the bottleneck of the harbor, the currents are strong and serve as an underwater highway for many species of fish and bait.

Local Guides:

Capt. Marc Geldon
(c): 239-671-9229
 Capt. Dave Ribeca
Capt. Kirk SanCartier
Capt. Bill Russell
Capt. Hawkeye Halper
(c): 239-282-1263

Bait Locations:

Chiquita Bait & tackle
3816 Chiquita Blvd S # 6, Cape Coral

Steven C’s bait & Tackle
4270 Pine Island Road Northwest, Matlacha

Capt. Rob’s bait & Tackle
3725 Del Prado Boulevard South, Cape Coral